Baby Prints


Capture a moment in your child's life with a hand or footprint...

Footprints can be placed on almost any piece of pottery, making a unique gift for members of your family and friends, or even to treasure yourself.  Popular as Christening gifts, Father's Day, Mother's Day and Christmas presents.

There is always somebody on hand to help with taking prints and to give ideas.  It can be done at any age as all paints are non-toxic.

(Please bear in mind that handprints can be difficult to get on very young babies, so we recommend that under 3 months, it is much easier to get a footprint).

For mum and baby groups Please call the studio for availability.  We can offer other days during the week when the studio is normally closed, so we have room for buggies and prams. Unfortunately we cannot offer space for large groups in the studio at the weekend when we get very busy.